Hello fellow community members,

In the ongoing protests of the past several weeks, and as we continue to grieve the continuous killing of people of color (POC) by those who promote white supremacy and related acts of oppression, I want to highlight a few things we are learning. What follows includes our hopes for the country and an ongoing call to action for dominant culture members:

1.    The persistent acts of senseless, hateful violence toward POC that occurs in our Country needs our direct and sustained non-violent actions. Several of our colleagues of color have shared feeling “statement fatigue” and “action starvation.” Therefore, we must be a part of making changes, so that we don’t continue to contribute to things staying the same. We need to emphasize over and over what it means to promote the wise and powerful concepts of liberty and justice for all. This work cannot be done alone by those directly impacted; our POC community members especially need the full support and effort of those of us in the dominant culture.

2.    As a White male in our society, I have many privileges. What comes with my privilege, as it does with others who are born into a race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. of the dominant culture, is responsibility; I have the responsibility to act against racist practices within our society and institutions and act for the changes needed to make things better for POC. It’s essential to share that Morrison’s obligation goes beyond well-stated words of support and commitment, and requires ongoing intentional action.

With action in mind, here is a link to our “Morrison Equity and Inclusion Policy” that began in November of 2017, was revised in March of 2018, and completed with full endorsement by our Equity Advisory Council and Board of Directors in January of 2019! There is also a link to our current 1-year action plan for July 1st, 2020 along with our outcomes vision. Please continue to join us in taking action.


In humble service,


Drew Henrie-McWilliams






Action Planning Strategic Directions 2020

EAC Action Planning – Practical Vision

Morrison Equity Policy