Every day, 19 million birthdays are celebrated around the world. Every day at Morrison, 19 kids celebrate their birthday.

Do you wish to transform futures and make the world a better, brighter place for the children who need it most? It all starts with your birthday wish. So let’s party!

When you dedicate your birthday to Morrison, you are actively changing our community and helping us improve lives.

1. Ready: Pledge your or a loved one’s special day by sharing your/their name and birthday with us via an email to development@morrisonkids.org.

2. Set: When your birthday is near, we’ll get in touch. You can include your friends and family, give a one-time gift in honor of your or someone else’s birthday, or set up a monthly gift in the amount of your age. However you choose to celebrate, we’ll help you with the process.

3. Go: Celebrate your special day and help us commemorate 71 years of service to the children and families in our community.

Here’s to more hope, more celebrating, and more children helped on YOUR special day!


For more information, email us at development@morrisonkids.org or call (503) 258-4290.