Counterpoint Outpatient

Our Counterpoint Outpatient program provides specialized services for youth with sexual behavior problems and their families. Modalities incorporated include individual, group and family therapy, intensive case management, and psychiatric services. The program aims to help clients learn new skills to prevent sexual acting out, work through existing trauma issues, teach better parenting skills, and assist with developing appropriate social skills. Program staff works closely with all identified parties including caseworkers, court counselors, and other professionals to provide relevant, personalized services. Family, including foster and extended family members, are viewed as key to their child’s success and are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the program as appropriate.

Whom We Help
Clients must have a connection to Multnomah County to be eligible for the contract. Private referrals are accepted. The program requires acknowledgment of sexual acting out by the child and/or their family and willingness by the supervisory adults to be involved.

The Counterpoint Outpatient Administrative Staff receive all requests for services and provides a phone screen to determine suitability for services. To be eligible, the child or youth needs to have been involved in inappropriate sexual behavior and have family or other supervisory adults willing to attend the program. After the phone screen, prospective clients meet with the Clinical Manager, Scott Brown, LCSW, for an in-office interview to further determine appropriateness for placement and to provide the information about the program services.

Language Accessibility
English is the primary language spoken by the staff.  Interpreters are used to meet the needs of differing languages. Most of the paperwork is translated into Spanish.

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