Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) and Behavior-Health Therapeutic Foster Care (BH-TFC) provide a safe and nurturing environment with care provided by specially screened foster parents who are trained to work with trauma-impacted youth. Often, youth participating in TFC and BH-TFC have suffered serve physical, sexual, and/or emotional trauma. As a result, they experience mental health and behavioral issues that make it difficult for them to cope with daily routines and relationships.

TFC and BH-TFC homes provide a supportive, structured environment in which youth can stabilize, learn how to manage the expressions of their sadness and anger, and learn how to interact positively with others. We provide intensive case management and coordination of care to connect mental health providers, school personnel, and other community services in a network of support around each child. We also provide skills training to help parents and youth cope with challenges and achieve long-term stability. Services are time-limited and are intended to successfully transition youth to a less intensive level of care and back to their family and community.

Whom We Help

We provide services for youth who are:

  • from age 4 to 17
  • able to maintain personal safety for themselves and others
  • not actively suicidal, homicidal, or involved in severe self harm
  • in reasonably good physical health and not requiring extended medical care beyond what a community setting can provide


Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington County Department of Human Services (DHS) placement coordinators have more specific Therapeutic Foster Care information, including placement criteria, availability and referral packets. Please forward referral packets to Melissa Jackson, Program Director at

Language Accessibility

Services are provided in English and, in some homes, in Spanish.

Foster Parents Needed

Many children and teens are in need of a place to heal. At Morrison, it is our goal to find foster care providers, part-time and full-time, who will open their hearts and homes to youth in need.


Contact Us

For more information, please contact us at 503-736-6510 or