Who We Are

Our Mission: We provide culturally responsive, anti-oppressive mental health and substance use disorder treatment, support, and prevention services to children, youth, and families who are working through the effects of systemic racism, trauma, poverty, abuse, neglect, or other mental health needs.

Our Vision: For our clients to thrive and achieve their full potential by having access to equitable and culturally sustaining programs and services.

Our Values: Reflected in the following Sanctuary Model Commitments.

1. Non-violence (providing physical, emotional, social, and moral safety for all)
2. Emotional Intelligence (managing feelings well for the care-of-others and self)
3. Social Learning (practicing the utmost respect for the ideas of everyone)
4. Democracy (having shared decision making whenever possible)
5. Open Communication (saying what we mean without being mean as we say it)
6. Social Responsibility (ensuring teamwork that includes everyone’s contributions)
7. Growth and Change (co-creating transformation for a hopeful future)
8. Commitment to Equity (ensuring that all feel included and have what they need to survive and thrive)


In 1947, Morrison Child and Family Services was founded by a group of concerned citizens and physicians committed to providing mental health services for children in the community. Dr. Carl Morrison, one of Oregon’s first child psychiatrists, served as Morrison’s Executive Director for 25 years. In its first year, the Portland Community Child Guidance Clinic, as it was called, served 216 cases from a modest house in downtown Portland.

In 1972, the clinic name was changed to The Morrison Center, in honor of Dr. Morrison’s many years of dedicated service. Throughout the 70s, Morrison began offering programs for children in the juvenile system and became a major provider of and advocate for clinical psychologists. Staff increased twelve-fold to meet the growing demand for services and a second clinic in Gresham was established to work with east county children and families.

In the 80s, Morrison Center experienced significant growth as a result of the organization’s focus on innovative program design. Morrison Center created alternatives to traditional, more expensive institutional care, beginning with programs like the Hand in Hand Day Treatment program and the Counterpoint and Breakthrough programs.

In April 2003, Morrison Center became Morrison Child and Family Services, reflecting the fact that Morrison was comprised of many locations, not a single “center,” and that the organization had grown in size, scope and capacity to serve Oregon’s children and families.

Today, we provide mental health and substance use recovery services for approximately 7,000 youth and families annually throughout Oregon, with most services provided in the Portland metro area.

“Helping families navigate through difficult times of stress and trauma is what we do. Listening, supporting, and advocating effectively is how we do it.”

Drew Henrie-McWilliams, M.S. Ed., Chief Executive Officer, Morrison Child and Family Services