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About the Carl V. Morrison Center For Youth & Family Service

Morrison was Founded

Morrison Child and Family Services was founded by a group of concerned citizens and physicians committed to providing mental health services for children in the community. Dr. Carl Morrison, one of Oregon’s first child psychiatrists, served as Morrison’s first Executive Director for 25 years. In its first year, the Portland Community Child Guidance Clinic, as it was called, served 216 cases from a modest house in downtown Portland.

Average number of clients served per year: 300


Honoring Dr. Carl Morrison

In the 1970’s, Morrison grew 12x and expanded to include services in the juvenile justice system. The clinic name was changed to The Carl Morrison Center for Youth & Family Services in honor of the legacy of Dr. Carl Morrison; and then later shortened to Morrison Center.

Average number of clients served per year: 1200


Revolutionizing Care

In the 1980’s, we expanded again, creating alternatives to traditional expensive institutional care with three new day treatment programs: Hand In Hand, Counterpoint and Breakthrough serving a continuum from 4-18 years.

Average number of clients served per year: 1400


Collaborating with Communities

In the 1990’s, Morrison began collaborations with fellow non-profits that included a limited time as one of the members of the Federation for Children and Youth. In 1999 Rosemont School for Girls merged into Morrison, and in 2001 Edgefield Children’s Center also merged into Morrison.

Average number of clients served per year: 2400


Changing Our Name

In the 2000’s, we continued to expand adding The Parent Mentor Program and additional prevention services, as well as investing into Equity, Diversity and Inclusion across the agency. We changed our name to what it is today, Morrison Child & Family Services, to reflect the fact that Morrison had many locations and had grown significantly in size, scope, and capacity.

Average number of clients served per year: 4900


Sanctuary Model

In the 2010’s we added the Immigrant Youth Services Division and invested in becoming a Trauma-informed Organization, through the Sanctuary Model, training all agency staff in this new model of care.

Average number of clients served per year: 7000


Expanding Outside of Oregon

In the 2020’s we continue to grow and expand and have pushed ourselves to provide more services throughout the State of Oregon and launch our first program in the State of Washington.

Average number of clients served per year: 7819

Developed in 2020 through the support of the Rotary Club of Portland and our generous Community of Supporters

Portland program building
The Morrison Rotary Youth Center. Photo Credit: Eckert and Eckert Photography

11035 NE Sandy Boulevard
Portland, OR 97220

Main Tel. 503-258-4200

Tax ID: 93-0354176


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Morrison Child & Family Services provides culturally responsive, anti-oppressive mental health and substance use disorder treatment, support, and prevention services to children, youth, and families who are working through the effects of systemic racism, trauma, poverty, abuse, neglect, or other mental health needs. Tax ID: 93-0354176

The Morrison Foundation partners with the community to sustain and expand financial support for Morrison Child and Family Services’ programming. Tax ID: 81-4453786

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