staff Delin Ruhl

    Delin RuhlMember

    I joined the EAC to examine accountability to a system that benefits white dominant culture. Through exploration of my own journey and that of the organization, I joined to participate in re-imagining what race equity can look like in the workplace and for our clients.

    staff Kat Jimenez

    Kat Cordova JimenezMember

    I joined the EAC because daily I see the ways that inequities and structural oppression shape the lives of the families we work with. I want Morrison to both be a place that doesn’t reinforce those systems of oppression, and an organization that actively works to build a better world.

    staff Dipita Thapa

    Dipita ThapaMember

    I joined the EAC because I have seen firsthand how people of color were treated in different industries and I was excited to see that my organization was on a journey towards being anti-racist and I wanted to be a part of that. The EAC has provided an opportunity to challenge my own internal biases and complicity and by doing so has guided me on how I can use my voice against practices and systems that could further harm our community.

    staff Jess Smith

    Jess SmithMember

    As a person who holds multiple privileged identities, it is important to me to ensure I’m on my own personal anti-racist journey, as well as working to support my agency’s anti-racist journey through the EAC. Morrison is tasked with helping to support healing in the people we serve, and ensuring that I am actively engaged in anti-racist work is a way for me to align with that goal and reduce harm on an individual level.

    staff Jessica Montoya

    Jessica MontoyaMember

    I was motivated to join the EAC to learn more about how I can grow more in my Equity journey as a Mexican American woman with my own privileges and battles. I have been able to challenge myself in my learning and understanding alongside my POC and White colleagues and will continue to push back and use my voice to encourage and support others.

    staff Caroline Goldstone

    Caroline Falcone GoldstoneMember

    I joined the EAC to work with and follow the leadership of a community of colleagues to dismantle systemic racism within Morrison. I have learned so much about myself, my responsibilities as a white person and the drastic and traumatic effects of systems of oppression.

    staff Shelley Battaglia

    Shelley BattagliaMember

    I joined Morrison’s EAC to be an active participant in dismantling systemic institutional racism within and outside of our agency and to support the growth and development of culturally responsive and equitable services in order to create a more inclusively welcoming environment.

    staff Margarita Sandoval

    Margarita SandovalMember

    I joined the EAC to actively take part in finding solutions to challenges such as systemic racism and discrimination in our society. As a bilingual and bicultural woman, I take pride in participating in this committee to promote equity, growth, and development of employees at Morrison as well as the entire community we serve.

    staff Alyssa Waters

    Alyssa WatersMember

    Equity is weaved throughout the work we do at Morrison and the goals we seek to achieve. I have a deep passion for Equity work and how it should impact every decision we make. Joining the EAC allows me to more directly work with a diverse group of people, listen, and learn. There is no Equity without togetherness, and the EAC allows me to be a part of something that looks at Morrison as a system with work towards specific goals and how we can achieve Equity one step at a time.

    staff Belinda Kjensrud

    Belinda KjensrudMember

    I joined the EAC because I was attracted to the values and mission/vision statement that EAC holds around anti-racist work. It has been an amazing opportunity for me to learn more and continue to focus on advancing race equity in the workplace and communities for Black and Brown people. Being on the EAC with others that share the same determination, energy, skills, and insight around race equity continues to be the necessity that drives me.

    staff Melissa Larson

    Melissa LarsonMember

    I was born and raised in Oregon my whole life. I have two teenage boys. I have joined the EAC to empower my own voice to speak up for my biracial community and to make a difference in the culture at Morrison. I have worked for Morrison over six years in the Parent Mentor Program, Early Childhood, and Listos. Working in a diverse community has opened my eyes more to understanding through a different cultural lens. I want my time on EAC to be able to make a difference throughout this organization for all to know that they all matter. I want the staff at Morrison to know their dedication to this community is powerful & has a ripple effect on their peers.

    staff Nick Gallo

    Nick GalloMember

    I was invited to apply to join the Equity Advisory Committee (EAC) upon joining Morrison as Chief of Staff. I was excited to join the EAC as advancing racial equity has been a key part of my work for the past 15+ years. I have spent significant time, energy, and efforts throughout my career in advocating for and successfully shifting resources into culturally specific, community-based organizations and culturally responsive organizations. I tend to focus on system's level and programmatic levels in this work. Additionally, my personal why is about creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community. A place where I want to raise my own children and they can grow up and experience a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant community. Now, as CEO, I am focused on leading at Morrison with authenticity, purpose, pace, and perspective and see my participation in EAC as a critical part of how to support our organization with our mission which includes being an anti-racist organization.

    staff Patricia Weekley

    Patricia WeekleyMember