The Equity & Sanctuary Department is the all-staff training resource and leader in supporting Morrison in enacting Equitable and Inclusive principles in everything we do. In conjunction with the Equity Advisory Council [EAC], this department provides advice, expertise, and assistance to Morrison staff, department/program directors, and executive leadership in providing the best services possible for the communities we serve.

Equity and Inclusion

Morrison Child and Family Services’ mission is to provide effective and responsive services for children and youth coping with adversity and trauma; while recognizing and respecting cultural differing needs.

As part of our commitment to equity and inclusion, we support our communities to move beyond disparity and oppression and work with compassion, integrity, and dedication to social justice through the implementation of goals and policies. To sustain our commitment to equity and inclusion, all employees are asked to:

  • Demonstrate the initiative to learn knowledge and practice skills that promote anti-oppressive and culturally responsive practices.
  • Participate in trainings, events, consultations, and other presentations related to understanding and supporting Equity and Inclusion.

Equity Policy

The objective of the Morrison Child and Family Services Equity Policy:

  • To create an inclusive and anti-racist organization by ensuring that racial identity will not determine or predict the quality of trauma-informed care a child receives.
  • To demonstrate Morrison’s commitment to leadership in social equity by ensuring that Morrison’s strategic goals, outcomes, programs, and initiatives advance social equity.

Review our full Morrison Equity and Inclusion Policy.

Equity & Inclusion Training

Equity & Inclusion at Morrison: Cultivating an Anti-Racist Organization is Morrison’s current training model. The training is required for all employees. The six-hour training offers a progressive overview with definitions of:

  • Racial history and racism as a structure, cultural differences and complexities, including dominant culture’s impact, coded communication (i.e. microaggressions, implicit bias, etc.) and liberation strategies. This training occurs as soon as feasible after the employee’s 90-day anniversary date.
  • These trainings are supplemented by: ongoing quarterly two-hour “Impact” learning experiences and consultations which explore in depth a topic or circumstance introduced during the Equity & Inclusion at Morrison training:
    • “White Fragility” training
    • Ongoing equity training for supervisors and managers

The Equity Advisory Council

Morrison’s leadership charters the Equity Advisory Council (EAC) to hold the organization accountable for achieving the objectives of Morrison’s policy on equity. The EAC consists of approximately 15 Morrison employees. The EAC strives to have members who represent a wide range of organizational roles and skills. The EAC works to:

  • Identify systemic, institutional racism and cultural barriers that impact equitable access to Morrison services;
  • Make recommendations to dismantle systemic institutional racism and to improve diversity and cultural humility;
  • Support and assist training, as necessary, to promote progress toward achieving Equity Policy objectives;
  • Initiate and champion courageous conversations that increase employee awareness and sensitivity to issues of race, privilege, and inequity.

Action Plan

Starting July 1st, 2020, Morrison’s One Year Action Plan outlines our Council’s vision and strategic direction.