Planned and Crisis Respite Care

Planned and Crisis Respite Care (PCRC) services provide a safe and supportive home for youth coping with a significant mental health disorder who are at risk for out-of-home placement because of the family’s emotional distress in relation to the mental health disorder and associated behaviors. Our certified foster homes provide a natural, safe and consistent environment for children and youth while they are in the program. The program also offers constant support to the foster parents, including monthly support groups and trainings. While on respite, children and youth can expect to be engaged in fun recreational activities in the home and in the community.

Whom We Help

We help youth, from age 3 to 17:

  • who reside in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties
  • who have Oregon Health Plan (OHP) coverage and a DSM Mental Health diagnosis as the primary cause of the signs and symptoms that necessitate the service
  • who have “respite” listed as a service modality on the youth’s treatment plan
  • who are at risk for out-of-home placement due to their mental health diagnosis
  • who have behaviors that can be stabilized by the service
  • for whom the emotional distress of the family, caused by the youth’s mental health disorder, can be decreased with the service
  • who are safe in the respite setting, i.e., are not actively suicidal, homicidal or aggressive
  • who are actively involved with a mental health provider who will provide after-hours crisis intervention during the respite period
  • who have a placement in foster care or their family home is available at the end of the respite stay


Child and family referrals are made by mental health providers and are scheduled on a planned or crisis basis.

Language Accessibility

Respite home services are provided in English and Spanish. Additionally, respite coordinators have some limited Spanish language skills.

Foster Parents Needed

Many children and teens are in need of a place to heal. At Morrison, it is our goal to find foster care providers, part-time and full-time, who will open their hearts and homes to youth in need.


Contact Us

For more information, contact:


General Information


Rachel Korf, Intake Case Manager


Jezeth Vaneza Zaragoza, Placement Case Manager


Melissa Jackson, Program Director