Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Our Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation program provides prevention services, including Child and Family Consultation and Program-Level Consultation, in Multnomah County and the City of Portland. We serve young children, their families, and early care and education staff in early childhood settings that include: Head Start, Early Head Start, childcare centers, and family home childcare providers.

Child and Family Consultation is a service that screens children and consults with parents, early childhood care and education staff, and other providers about plans to support individual children. Program-Level Consultation supports early childhood care and education staff to build capacity to support children’s social and emotional skills. This includes providing staff training and development, regarding general early childhood social, emotional, and behavioral issues, and support for managing early behavioral challenges in preschool children. Program-Level Consultation also provides teacher assessments and coaching, using evidence-based models to build early care and education staff’s capacity to improve classroom practices.

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation in the City of Portland is funded by the Portland Children’s Levy. Additional funding is provided by Multnomah County and Washington County.

Whom We Help

We help children in Multnomah and the City of Portland who:

  • are from birth to age 5
  • attend selected early childhood care and education programs


Child and family referrals are made by the selected early childhood care and education centers with assigned Morrison early childhood mental health consultants.

Language Accessibility

Services are provided in English. For selected Early Childhood Consultation programs, services are provided in Spanish.

Community-based early childhood mental health consultation is provided at community childcare-education centers or other community-based sites.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Jacque Serrano at 503.314.4517 or