Quality Management

The Quality Management Department was established to carry out Morrison’s commitment to excellent care for the children and families. The Quality Management Department brings together expertise drawn from the fields of behavioral health and quality assurance, shares this information with Morrison staff and leaders, and promotes a culture of service improvement and change. We believe that quality services for children and youth involve their families, include a focus on child development, are provided through a trauma-informed and equity lens, and are grounded in research-based best practices.

We are dedicated to continuously improving our services and sponsor quality improvement committees and compliance initiatives throughout the organization. We host multiple external audits and internal reviews aimed at ensuring that Morrison services reflect quality, safety, and compliance with federal, state, and county regulations. We assist Morrison in maintaining Oregon Health Authority Certificates of Approval for behavioral health services, Oregon Department of Human Services Child Caring Agency licenses, and Joint Commission accreditation. We are particularly proud that local and national audits reveal that our programs are successful, our staff are dedicated, and children, youth and families benefit from the services that we provide.

The Quality Management Department also promotes the use of data for our quality and safety initiatives.  Our programs recently developed new physical restraint reporting that is described below.

Morrison Child and Family Services provides therapeutic, trauma-informed residential treatment for youth ages 12-17. These programs promote safety, stability, resilience, and healthy development and demonstrate positive impacts on the lives of youth served. Many youth in care have experienced traumatic life events that have led to coping strategies that, at times, can result in a risk of harm to themselves or others. All our residential care staff are highly trained in crisis response and de-escalation and in most cases, these skills are enough to maintain the safety of all youth while they are developing emotional management and effective coping skills.

In addition, we are licensed by the Oregon Department of Human Services to provide a personal or physical restraint during emergency situations. Our staff are trained to only perform brief physical restraints as a last resort to maintain the safety of all youth and staff. We conduct a full debrief with the youth and all involved staff in the rare occurrence when a restraint is used. We are committed to being transparent about our use of restraints and we publish quarterly reports detailing this information on our website. Please view available reports below:

SAGE Q1, 2024

PCRC Q1, 2024

Mi Futuro & LTGH Q1, 2024

Counterpoint Day Tx. Q1, 2024

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The Quality Management Department includes the Morrison HIPAA Privacy Officer. To learn more about client rights and HIPAA practices at Morrison or to make a HIPAA-related complaint, please contact Margie MacLeod, LCSW, HIPAA Privacy Officer, at Margie.Macleod@morrisonkids.org