Program Evaluation

For more than 30 years, Morrison has collected and analyzed data to evaluate the effectiveness of programs, to guide program improvements, and to maintain a high level of integrity and accountability to our funders and clients. We have experience in evaluating many types of behavioral health and social service programs and in demonstrating that these services make a difference for the children and families we serve.

At Morrison, we are committed to maintaining an independent, internal program evaluation department because we want to ensure that the children and families we serve get the most effective, high-quality support available.

We also want to understand how our work makes a difference. Did our clients get the services they needed? Do they feel like they can cope with life’s challenges? Did the youth we serve continue on a desirable path after they left our program? How can we do better? Evaluation challenges assumptions and answers questions, using both quantitative and qualitative information, reinforcing Morrison’s proactive, creative, problem-solving culture.

Our program evaluation is valuable because it:

  • determines the effectiveness of our programs.
  • documents outcomes for program managers and funders.
  • builds a quality improvement culture that uses data to improve practice.
  • records results in order to advocate for services.
  • supports the implementation of evidence-based practices.
  • identifies training needs and quality-improvement areas.

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