Counterpoint Day Treatment & Foster Care

Our Counterpoint Day Treatment program provides intensive, comprehensive treatment services for boys who have experienced trauma and abuse and who have had sexual behavioral problems. Our services are provided year-round, and youth attend a full day of programming within a therapeutic milieu at an on-site accredited school. Our goals are to prevent and eliminate any future issues of sexual behavioral problems, to reduce adverse effects from trauma and abuse, and to help the boys acquire pro-social skills to increase successful transitions to the community.

We use foster homes, specialized in treating each boy’s specific needs, with caring foster parents as part of the treatment team. The foster parents provide structure, safety, and support to increase the youth’s ability to be accountable, demonstrate empathy, and graduate with new, pro-social behaviors.

Trained clinicians provide individual, group, and family therapy along with intensive case management to help youth gain the skills that will allow them to successfully transition to appropriate settings, post-placement. The staff work closely with caseworkers, court counselors, and other professionals to provide personalized services. We use evidence-based treatment practices to increase successful treatment outcomes. We network with other providers and stay up-to-date on the best ways to help youth and their families achieve lives free of abusive and hurtful behavior.

Admission to the program requires acknowledgement of inappropriate sexual behavior. We strongly encourage families to be involved as research demonstrates that family involvement is key to successful transitions.

Whom We Help

We help boys from age 13 to 17 for whom sexual acting out has been an issue.


Referrals are accepted from the Oregon Youth Authority and the general public.

Become a Counterpoint Foster Parent

To learn more about how you can become a Counterpoint foster parent, visit our Foster Parent Recruitment page.


Services are provided at our Sandy campus at 11035 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97220.

Contact Us

For more information on Counterpoint Day Treatment, please contact Jodie Teitelbaum at 503-736-6646 or